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Mobile toilets

How many mobile toilets do I need?

This depends partly on aspects such as how many guests you’re expecting or how long you’ll need the mobile toilets. You are also welcome to use our cabin calculator, which you will find below the additional equipment of each toilet cabin. Of course we will also be happy to advise you individually. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is included in the rental price?

What optional extras can I book?

When do I have to pay?

When you receive the invoice, please transfer the balance to the bank account stated on the invoice. 

Are there any additional costs for the disposal of sewage waste?

This service is included in the rental price. After collection, we will dispose of sewage waste in accordance with the respective laws.

Can I protect the mobile toilet against damage or theft by third parties?

Yes. Book our liability exemption package against damage by third parties (vandalism) and theft.

Can I attach my own stickers to the mobile toilet?

Unfortunately, that’s not permitted.

Sanitary trailers

What should I bear in mind?

To summarize: you can use our sanitary trailers virtually anywhere and everywhere. Nonetheless, there are certain things you should bear in mind. In general, our sanitary trailers will need to be connected to a fresh water supply (½" GEKA coupling), a standard power network (230 V), and a suitable sewage network (NW 100 HT pipe). Normally, an official permit is required in order to dispose of sewage legally. Contact your local waste management company and ask for more details. In general, these permits can be obtained quickly and easily. Any surface which is firm and level – and suitable for a conventional trailer – is suitable for our containers. Supports can be used to compensate for small bumps.

How much is it to rent a sanitary trailer?

The rental price for a sanitary trailer depends on a number of factors – how long you need it, how far it needs to be transported, how often you would like it cleaned, and how many optional features you choose. Thanks to our national service network, we are able to offer swift, straightforward service, and flexible delivery times – even at short notice. Our consultants will be happy to make you a quote based on your individual requirements and can generally name a price very quickly.

Does the price include installation and disassembly?

Our service technicians will be happy to install and disassemble our sanitary containers for you. This service is available on request. Our technicians are highly experienced and can respond flexibly to different conditions at different sites.


Can containers be extended outwards or upwards?

Yes, that’s possible. That’s one of the big advantages of building with modular systems. Container facilities can be extended outwards or upwards at any time, as required. Surplus container facilities can also be removed at any time. However, please note that the foundation/substructure must meet the necessary requirements in order to add containers at a later date. EKOTOI offers this service for a surcharge.

How many levels are possible with container facilities?

Containers can be stacked up to three high.

Can I still have windows and external and internal doors installed later on?

No problem – each wall element has built-in windows and doors, and can easily be removed and replaced with a different window/door element.

Will I require planning permission to set up the mobile facilities?

In general, planning permission will be required for any building project. Local regulations differ, but in general you can simply inform the building authorities of your intention to install a rental container for a specified period of time.

Is the roof accessible and can it bear loads?

All our containers have accessible roofs. However, they are not suitable for storing materials. With the exception of snow, they are not designed to bear loads.

Are workplace regulations adhered to?

Yes. Our containers conform to workplace regulations for offices and breakrooms, provided the rooms are furnished and equipped in accordance with the respective guidelines. Workplace regulations stipulate that the temperature inside a rental container may not exceed a certain level during the summer months. For a fee, we can provide air conditioning units in order to meet this requirement.

What connections are required?

How are the containers heated?

Our containers are fitted with electric heaters. Alternatively – and subject to a charge – you can opt for an energy-saving split AC system which will both heat and cool the container.

Is an air conditioner available as well?

AC (standalone or split) can be supplied for multipurpose containers.

Can the multipurpose containers also be supplied with furniture and other fittings?

EKOTOI offers a wide range of optional fittings such as: tables, chairs, filing cabinets, lockers, and kitchenettes.

Are there different sanitary containers?

EKOTOI has various different types of sanitary containers in their portfolio. Find out more about the individual fittings and features on the respective product pages.

How are the containers transported?

Containers are delivered and returned to our warehouse by crane truck. EKOTOI offers a service "Transport by crane truck".

Is weekly cleaning of the containers included in the price?

Weekly cleaning is not included in the rental price. However, depending on the location in question, we will be happy to quote you for cleaning the container and supplying consumable supplies (toilet paper, soap, paper towels).


What are the delivery and collection times?

Deliveries are made Monday to Friday, from approximately 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. If your order is delivered earlier than agreed, or if EKOTOI fails to collect the toilets on the agreed date for logistical reasons, you will not need to pay any additional costs.

Do I need to be on site for delivery or collection?

Yes, you need to be present on site for delivery or collection. Truck access is required within five metres of the installation site. Our trucks cannot carry toilets by crane through hedges or fencing.

Who is liable for damage to the rented portable toilet?

There are various risks for which the lessee may be held liable in the event of damage. EKOTOI offers liability exemption cover to exempt you from liability in the event of damage by a third party, natural hazards such as fire, hail and storms, and theft or vandalism. It does not cover damage caused by yourself, damage caused by improper use and damage to third-party property. If you do not take out liability exemption cover, you will be held fully liable for any damage to the rental objects.

How do I arrange for collection of the mobile toilet?

If you're hiring our portable toilets for a construction site, there's no need to specify an end date. We know from experience that construction sites can be unpredictable and completion can often be delayed. As soon as you know when you won't need the portable toilet, just give us a call. We'll take care of the rest.

How are rented construction site toilets with an open end date billed?

You’ve ordered a portable toilet for your construction site without naming an end date. Construction site toilets are invoiced at four-weekly intervals. This means you pay your invoice once every four weeks, and we take care of cleaning and servicing.


Advanced payment

The “advanced payment” method involves transferring the balance before receiving the goods. Once the trader has received payment, they deliver the goods.


Unlike advance payment, paying by invoice enables you to receive the goods first and then pay by a certain deadline.

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