For us, compliance means more than just adhering to rules and regulations. TOI TOI & DIXI stands for trusted brands with high quality standards. Responsible conduct and values such as honesty, reliability, and authenticity are a matter of course for us, and form the basis for the trust that our customers and business partners place in us every day. Taking responsibility also means acting lawfully. The integrity of our business activities is very important to us. We don’t accept any dealings that violate the rules.

Code of conduct

Our corporate compliance principles are set out in our Code of Conduct. If there are any concerns whether certain conduct or circumstances at TOI TOI & DIXI could be violating the stipulations of the Code of Conduct, other policies, or even the law, these compliance concerns should be addressed in a timely manner. This gives us the opportunity to address potential issues properly and avert serious damage to the company and its employees.

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We offer our employees, and also our customers, suppliers, and other business partners to make use of the “Let us know! Whistleblower System” in order to point out possible breaches of compliance. This way, reports can be made worldwide and around the clock – securely, confidentially, and, if desired, completely anonymously. The “Let us know! Whistleblower System” is to be used responsibly. Only such information should be passed on of which the whistleblower believes that it is accurate to the best of their knowledge and belief. False accusations or misleading information have no place here.



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