WC container men/women/cap

One for all, all for one. For men or women, with or without restriction of movement that mothers and babies feel at home. As the one responsible for the event, every requirement will be suitably met. You also save space by the best value for money. 

Whoever your guests are to your event, you can cover all target groups with this multitalented product. The toilet container men/women/cap carries the option of an entrance ramp for wheelchair users or for mothers with pushchairs. The ramp can also be used if you opt to put a water tank under the container. The convincing interior is decked not with facilities which are friendly for the physically-disabled, but includes equipment such as baby changing table.

Every compartment has water-saving fixtures, which look after not just your pocket, but also the environment. The concealed water pipes are protected from damage thus simplifying the process when the cabins are being cleaned.