Permanent fences and gates

Standard toilet cabin TOI Fresh

Crane lifting clips

Standard toilet cabin DIXI


Standard toilet cabin DIXI+

Crane lifting clips

Specialized toilet cabin TOI Cap

Appropriate for disabled people

Portable handwash basin Duo

Wash basin
Suitable for places with limited space

Portable handwash basin Blue

Wash basin

Automatic toilet TMATIC - SMART® technology

Automatic toilet TMATIC Series - SMART® technology

Sanitary trailer

Telescopic mast for mobile lighting

Chain link fence "Orses"

"Triton" welded mesh fencing

"Pallas" welded mesh fencing

"Pallas Light" welded mesh fence

"Pallas Security" welded mesh fence

"Athos" bar fencing

"Pegasus" bar fencing

"Olympus" bar fencing

"Heracles" bar fencing

"Orpheus" bar fencing

Cantilever sliding gate "Delta"

"SHB" sliding gate

Cantiliver sliding gate "Odysseus"