The team of EKOTOI was again at the center of the events, namely the grand opening ceremony of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019.

The company was engaged in the installation of a portable mesh fence, portable MOJO fence and a crowd control fence. Office containers were provided at the disposal of the organizers, built on two levels, and portable toilet cabins for the contractors.

With the “We are all colors” show was officially opened the year during which the city under the hills will be capital of culture of the whole Europe. A huge 30-meter tower was built for the impressive event, representing a stage at six levels with ten led screens, providing visibility from all sides to the audience of tens of thousands.

1,500 performers, both from the country and abroad, participated in the one-hour show, among which Teodosiy Spasov, Valya Balkanska and the German musician and composer Schiller. More than 200 kukeri came on the stage, who by their ritual dances symbolically “chased the evil away”, the “Thrace” Folklore Ensemble presented a new choreography in a contemporary dance style, bagpipers from the Bulgarian National Bagpipe Association and actors from the National High School for Performing and Screen Arts in Plovdiv. The concert ended with an impressive 15-minute fireworks show.