Bio Cleaner

Microbiological Bio Cleaner for floors and sanitary facilities.
An immediate neutralization of odors with perfume, Biological neutralization of matter, and prevent layering using bacterial cultures. Unique stabilizing bacteria! Apply prophylactically! Compared with chemical cleaners has a neutral pH.
Bio Cleaner is a product with superior quality and high concentration. Comprises a mixture of surface-active natural substances, which dissolve and remove impurities via the substrate. This biologically active and neutral product fully and complexly cleanes and refreshes surfaces and leaves a nice scent.
It is an integrated three-tiered approach to control. The first tier in odor control is the fragrance which immediately reduces the intensity of the malodor. Second, the odor counteractant biologically neutralizes the malodor, reducing the atmospheric concentration below detectable levels. The third, and most important tier, is the unique stabilized bacteria that digest the organic waste eliminating it from the source. They act preventively. Product with a Neutral pH.

    Designed for cleaning of; bathrooms, toilets, urinals, rubbish bins, waste, cleaning up after floods, carpets, upholstery, curtains, animal excrement.

    • Usage and storage:

    Shake well before use.  Spray the cleaner directly onto the surface and leave it act for as long as possible.
    Apply regularly. Do not use together with other disinfectants.

    • Storage and safety instructions: 

    Store in a closed container at 5-35 ° C out of the reach of children. After contact with skin and/or eyes, rinse with water. Do not swallow.