Automatic toilet TMAX - PLUS® technology

TMAX is an OUTDOOR AUTOMATIC SELF-CLEANING toilet designed and built to blend design and technology, while guaranteeing safety to users and a perfect disinfection and drying after each use. This model meets all the highest aesthetic and functional expectations of modern cities: the synergy between the high resistance of its components and the flexibility of external finishes allow a perfect integration into every urban setting.

Management, cleaning and PLUS® disinfection guarantee a perfect wash, disinfection and drying of the toilet. A combined patented system washes and dries the bowl top, while carrying out the scouring of floors, mechanical removal of debris and drying of floors with Lava;–Tergipavimento® system, with an extremely low water consumption (about 16 lt. per wash cycle). This toilet is suitable for highly frequented areas, which need extremely high standards of hygiene and disinfection.

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